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Backyard Hints

For best results, add sauce to meat 15 minutes prior to removing from grill or oven.  After cooking, add more sauce to suit taste.

Use on all meats- pork, chicken, turkey, beef and steaks.  Try our Cocktail Sauce on all seafood!

From time to time, as we have new ideas or recieve hints from our customers, we'll post them here for all to see and try!  
Got a hint?  Send it in!  Give us a call at (252) 823-4931 or email us at:

Great for oven, grill, crock pot or stir fry cooking!

It's great on cooked collards!  Pour over fresh, raw sliced cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, sweet potatoes (add sugar, salt, pepper to taste).

Add to homemade salad dressings and dips.



Marinate your favorite  pork, poultry, beef, or fish overnight for a delicious, tangy flavor!

Billy's Family Enterprises. Inc.

Good to just "sop up" with your bread!  


For a thicker sauce, add ketchup.  For a sweeter sauce, add sugar or brown sugar.

It's SOO versatile!  Don't be afraid to experiment with it!

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